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Bardot's mouth is healing well and she is going well in the hackamore now - allowed a bit in another 3 weeks time.
Curtis has been looking after my dressage horse Bardot for a couple of years now, as well as also looking after my 2 ponies, including a very naughty minature shetland! In October, Bardot was becoming increasingly unhappy in her mouth and was extremely inconsistant in the contact, she was also becoming more and more flat and was really not looking very well. After several vets looked in her mouth and couldn't see any problems, they suspected that she had a virus. We called out Curtis to see what he could find as she wasn't improving - he came first thing the following day. As expected her teeth and surrouding tissue was fine but Curtis found a slight swelling on her lower jaw bone on the near side. From the swelling there was some puss oozing out. The next day she was x-rayed at Endells and the vets there were extremely impressed with Curtis for finding this very slight swelling which they had a job to find, despite knowing where it was! Bardot was then operated on the next day, and a 3cm bone chip was removed from her jaw bone and the infection around it was cleaned up. She is now healing well and is happily working in a hackamore - we are hoping to be able to put a bit back in towards the end of December. We are so grateful that Curtis found this swelling as I hate to think what would be happening now if it had still not been discovered! We now hope to be making our PSG debut next year!
Hi. Just recommended u to fellow therapist. Also to say how much Opi has improved since your work, he is actually strong to hold cantering so pedals up! Thank you, hope all well with you.

Caroline Stewart
Hi Curtis,

You are a Genius!

Took Linx to riding club training on Thursday and what a differance!  

He was accepting of the bit and willing to work into the bridle - we got some lovely trot paces and he was trying to work lower on the lunge this morning.....God knows if what you did could have had such an immediate effect, but it certainly looks like it!

Thanks again,
Take care
Paula Ellis
Lexi qualified for the Royal International 2011 at the very first qualifier today on her new Hunter pony, Gigman All that Jazz.

We were first introduced to Curtis just over a year ago.  At the time we were tearing our hair out with a 12hh pony with problems taking off with our eight year old grandaughter.  We had had her teeth checked by our vet who assured us that they were not the cause!  I was almost at the point of giving up with the mare when a friend recommended Curtis.  I had nothing to lose so we took her to Holt Equestrian Centre in Wilthsire, Curtis very quietly worked on her teeth and when he had finished said to take her home and ride her.  The end result?  Take a look for yourself, my grandaughter this year has been Open First Ridden Champion at the BSPS Winter Champs and has qualified all four of her ponies for the Royal International Horse Show in July at Hickstead.  Curtis looks after all our ponies' teeth now and we never have any problems when it comes to breaking , riding and schooling them.  Our biggest success this year has been qualifying our section A for Horse of the Year at the NEC in October and yes you guessed it, Curtis most definately looks after his teeth!  



Hi Curtis! I just wanted to say thanks for the work u did! My horse is transformed!!!! I really did not realise how much his behaviour was due to his pain!!! I've ridden twice and he doesn't headshake or chew!!! And works in an outline so well! Thanks again!!! Liv